Adventures with LEXMARK & VISTA – Part One

I want to begin by saying I HATE Windows VISTA. I don’t hate much in this world. I do hate Vista.

Having said that . . . as you know if you’ve been to this website before, Mom and Dad are here in Chicago for the Summer – which for them this year is lasting until October!!! Dad is 84, Mom turns 81 November 11th – Veteran’s Day. She’s fond of saying she gives everyone in the the U.S. the day off for her birthday. She also says she’s ’10 days older than God’! When I was younger I used to believe her!!!

Anyway, Dad has a new Toshiba Laptop which he purchased in February at Mom’s insistence – it was on sale! They made this purchase AFTER I left their home (they live in Arizona) in January returning to Chicago from my Xmas vacation. Why they waited until AFTER I left is beyond me because there’s no way I can help Dad with it without difficulty – if he runs into trouble, which he usually does! Mom says he has the’ fickle finger’.

So while Dad has a nice new Lexmark 1300 series printer in Arizona, here I have a Lexmark 645 several years old and working very nicely with my IBM laptop, thank you very much. It also works well with my Compaq Presario which I RARELY turn on these days. And it works swimmingly with my brother’s Dell laptop. Bottom line: the 645 WORKS!

So the saga . . . well, after downloading the Lexmark 645 Driver for VISTA and unsuccessfully installing it – I call Lexmark. Of course ALL of that is AFTER I tried to load the 645 XP driver onto the VISTA system – I HAD to do that – didn’t I?

Didn’t have to wait too long for Support to get on the line – Okay so far. He says his name is, “Ram”. Because of his accent, I’m sure it’s not and I tell him that. We both laugh. After obtaining all my pertinent information: name, phone no., product serial number – he asks, “How can we help you?”

“I’ve had trouble installing the Lexmark 645 driver for the VISTA system. It goes so far and then stalls.”

He says, “No problem Llenar. We can help you with this.” Then he directs me to the Lexmark website. “For what?”, I ask. “That’s where I got this driver .”

Ram asks me the name of the file. I tell him. I say, “To humor you, I’m here at the website and about to download it’s asking me if I want to overwrite the file I loaded previously.”

He says, “OK. You don’t have to do that”. “Thanks”, I reply.

At this point, it gets kinda’ hairy. Following Ram’s instructions, I’ve got to go into the printers, drivers file, delete the contents of folder 3. 3 files refuse to be deleted. He says, “OK”. Shut down and restart.

System restarts. Ram directs me to, “Print anything”. I open NOTEPAD, type ‘THIS IS A TEST, press PRINT and – nothing. Ram says not to worry. He directs me go to START–>Programs and look for the Lexmark folder – it’s missing the Solutions Center. He asks me to do a couple of other things, deleting files, shutting down and restarting. Producing the same result – no printing.

He then requests to take over the system – do remote troubleshooting – I hesitate. I’ve not had good results from this in the past. I look at my Dad – he trusts my decision. “Go ahead” I say, rationalizing he needs to complete a course online, he is under time limit within which to complete the course and may need to print pages to study so WE NEED THIS PRINTER TO WORK- ASAP!

Well, Ram, did his magic. At one point he began moving swiftly. He deleted those files in folder 3 again. He downloaded some file and installed it. He did something and suddenly the desktop was a different color, the assistance mechanical voice started talking, the Toshiba webpage suddenly appeared. Ram kept right on working, shut down, restart. He did a few more things, i.e. went to add printer, established it as a local printer, added the Lexmark Solution Center,. This time he opens Notepad, types LEXMARK TEST PRINT and voila, I hear the mechanical man’s voice say, “Printing started”. And it had.

Ram next tells us that he’s going to return control back to us. We say thank you, give’s me the the trouble report number – just in case – and reminds me to check out Lexmark on the web for solutions.

Dad signs up for his course, we get an error message on the course print out page. I’m back on the phone again to Lexmark and just as Support comes on I realize maybe the error is the issue of the Arizona website and not the printer. I open up one of Dad’s e-mails and am able to print that. Lexmark support is happy everything is resolved.

Dad shuts down the computer for the night.

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