Adventures with LEXMARK & VISTA – Part Three

I wish I could say this is the FINAL installment of this series – however, it’s not.

I woke up this morning with Dad’s computer on my mind.  After we chit-chatted a bit I opened up the laptop and looked at the message, then wrote it down because I was going to Google it to find out what the remedies were.  Then I got indignant and decided it was Lexmark’s problem to resolve because one of their technicians caused it.  I called Lexmark.  Got Josh this time.  Gave the trouble report number.  He said Ram wasn’t there.  I said that was OK because I wanted to speak with a supervisor.  If you got me a supervisor ,he did.  Josh said the supervisor was BUSY and he would ask him to call me back.  If you called me, a Lexmark supervisor did.

I call Toshiba.  After making it through the automated menu, I’m on  hold.  My mind tells me to use the F8 key again and this time to really look at the options.  So I do.  Hey, there’s an option which says Restore to last good Boot config.  I say wonderful let me do that.  I do.  Back to the loop.  Makes sense.  It boots up.  It loads Windows.  But goes not further – somethings wrong with the client.

A Toshiba tech is now on the line.  I give him the trouble report number.  I tell him I’m on the  F8 screen.  He asks me what I’ve already tried.  I tell him.  I say I wonder what this Repair Computer button does.  I say it can’t hurt to try it at this point.   And lo’ and behold – it give me all of the various System RESTORE options. with one I understand. Restore Points! Hurray.

He and I have some discussion as to what today’s date is – It’s July 17th here 10 something AM.  Where he is it is still the 16th!!!  I say July 15th is the day.  He suggests a Restore Point prior.  I look at the options and choose the 15th around Noon since the problem didn’t occur until later that evening.  I press the button.  Toshiba Tech tells me it will take awhile so he’s going to go.  Do I need anything further.  NO?  Well, be sure to check out the online solutions at . . . I say, if I could get online we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  He laughs and we hang up.

A few minutes later, there’s a message box on the screen which says the Restore Points has worked successfully and Press OK to continue.  I press OK.  The system reboots.  A few minutes later there is the desktop.


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