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Ferguson MO protesters, Pls Stay Home

STAY HOME. Let the streets be EMPTY and SILENT. Let the rabble rousers have no one to quarrel with, nothing to rant and rail about. Take the wind out of their sails. Let them walk away empty-handed, having expended funds, having geared up for NOTHING! I had been hoping that residents of Ferguson Missouri, the Continue reading →

How I Get Content – WordPress Automatic Blog Posting Plugin

See the image here   and over to the right?    That’s how I get content.  WordPress Automatic Blog Posting Plugin.  A PLUGIN! I’ve owned it for a year and I LOVE IT!  It’s like a Popeil product:  I can, “Set-it-and-Forget-it”. I thought I had written about this Plug-in when I first purchased it.  I searched Continue reading →

Upgraded to WP 2.9.2 today, FINALLY

Well, I do have to give myself credit.  I did upgrade two of my other sites a couple of weeks ago.  I chose the Please Update Now which gave me the option of Upgrade Automatically or Download 2.9.2.  I’m proud to say, I chose Upgrade Automatically.  I had been using the WP Automatic Upgrade Plug-in Continue reading →

SKYPE move over – TOKBOX is here!

In my humble opinion, TOKBOX is what SKYPE hopes to be when it grows up!  Why? I can VIDEOCHAT with more than one person at a time I can include VOICE ONLY folks in the same VIDEOCHAT (get a webcam!) I can TextCHAT while in the Videochat I can invite people to a VIDEOCHAT by Continue reading →


I decided to check out the type of articles I was getting from the new Automatic Blog Posting WordPress Plugin software on my It’s All An Inside Job WP Blogsite which is pretty much about Self-Help.  Good thing I did.  Lo’ and behold there on the front page was a 10 paragraph article entitled “How Continue reading →

Updating my WordPress Blogs to 2.7.1

I am updating this WordPress blog.  Last time I was out here was Summer 2008, July to be more precise.  Been so long I don’t remember the username and password.  Good thing I have a habit of writing things down! LOL! So now  there are several Plugins that needed to be updated, Twitter Tools among Continue reading →

Pineapple Express

Well, my friend Annie and I went to the screening of the new movie Pineapple Express.  I thought it was pretty funny.  Slightly outrageous.  Pot smokers will get it. Annie says it reminded her of the movie screening we went to last year and couldn’t think of the name. Neither could I at the time Continue reading →

Updating to WordPress 2.6 – the saga continues

Well, after the earlier resolution to the WordPress 2.6 update login loop issue I felt pretty confident that if a problem arose, I could handle it with the wp-admin reload fix.  Silly me. I decided to update a less active site.  Good choice.  I experienced the SAME issue and this time, the wp-admin fix DID Continue reading →

Updating to WordPress 2.6 the sequel

When I began the other post, I didn’t anticipate a part 2 so I’m calling this the sequel because I intend it be OVER in a few minutes!! Ok so here I go to upgrade my WordPress blog to version 2.6 using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin version . . . I’ll be back. Continue reading →

Updating to WordPress 2.6

So, when I login today, I get a message which reads: WordPress 2.6 is available! Please update now. Didn’t I just upgrade to 2.5.1? That would be a YES! When I go to my Plugins page, I notice there’s an UPDATE for WordPress Automatic Upgrade. So I Update that.  It’s easy now because awhile back Continue reading →