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Ceiling Fans – Removal and Installation

In the midst of all the drama around Dad’s Toshiba laptop and my Lexmark645 Printer  and the VISTA driver problem, Mom decides she it’s time to remove the ceiling fan in the kitchen and replace it with a new one. The fan on the current one works when it chooses – and in my mother’s Continue reading →

Adventures with LEXMARK & VISTA – Part Three

I wish I could say this is the FINAL installment of this series – however, it’s not. I woke up this morning with Dad’s computer on my mind.  After we chit-chatted a bit I opened up the laptop and looked at the message, then wrote it down because I was going to Google it to Continue reading →

Adventures with Lexmark & VISTA – Part Two

Did I mention I hate VISTA? 7:56pm My cellphone says, “Call from Mama and Daddy. Call from Mama and Daddy.” Even though it’s 4 minutes until my blogtalkradio Talkshow, No Out There, I pick up the phone. After all, it IS my parents. At ages 80 and 84, anything could be going on. I flip Continue reading →

Adventures with LEXMARK & VISTA – Part One

I want to begin by saying I HATE Windows VISTA. I don’t hate much in this world. I do hate Vista. Having said that . . . as you know if you’ve been to this website before, Mom and Dad are here in Chicago for the Summer – which for them this year is lasting Continue reading →

Friend Blaster Pro for MySpace

I HAVE used this product. It is relatively easy to use!!! IF I CAN DO IT . . . well you know the rest. Don’t believe me? That’s OK. You can prove it to yourself. Download the trial. Check it out!

On My Bookshelf – test of pre-posting

I posted this on most of my other blogs. I was answering a request from one of the members of one of the Social Networks I’m on. She said she wanted to learn more about metaphysics. These are some of the titles on my bookshelf – and yes – I have real all of these. Continue reading →

Pre-posting – how does that work again?

I swear, and yes at this point I do mean I SWEAR, I’ve created posts that were supposed to be sent out on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July. ALL of them were still sitting here this morning. Is there something I’m not doing correctly? I thought I was supposed to click EDIT right Continue reading →

Power to the People – Give the people what they want.

I had the privilege of listening to a webinar tonite and then later was in a conversation with my Internet marketing coach and friend Jonn. We happened to be joined by another friend Mary who began sharing her venture into selling on the Internet. Well, having been coached by Jonn all these months and having Continue reading →

Lessons in saving.

My folks purchased a used refrigerator today. When they got it home, mom noticed it didn’t have one shelf, the vegetable bins aren’t the ones that go with it and some shelves are missing from the freezer – yet it does work! Oh yeah, and it’s Frostless – or whatever is the correct name when Continue reading →

Keyword saga

I noticed I have a keyword category. That brings back horrible memories of working with Wordtracker and the folks over at IEC. (I’m shaking my head.) Oh, that was stressful. I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Or so I thought. And it’s not like they were doing anything wrong, nor was I. Maybe Continue reading →