Daily Life

Power to the People – Give the people what they want.

I had the privilege of listening to a webinar tonite and then later was in a conversation with my Internet marketing coach and friend Jonn. We happened to be joined by another friend Mary who began sharing her venture into selling on the Internet. Well, having been coached by Jonn all these months and having Continue reading →

Lessons in saving.

My folks purchased a used refrigerator today. When they got it home, mom noticed it didn’t have one shelf, the vegetable bins aren’t the ones that go with it and some shelves are missing from the freezer – yet it does work! Oh yeah, and it’s Frostless – or whatever is the correct name when Continue reading →

It’s been awhile . . .

Well, it’s been about 6 months since I was last here. This was a sideline WordPress blog which allowed me to create my main blog and use what I learned here for that one. It was a HUGE learning curve even with the Adsense manual. My main website, www.no-out-there.com, has come a long way. It Continue reading →

iContact E-mail Marketing Solution

I don’t remember who turned me on to it – ah, I remember. I received an e-mail notification from a friend of mine who had been asking me about doing a mailing for him. I saw him Memorial Day and he asked me then too. I had agreed previously to do it and suggested ConstantContact. Continue reading →

a video for dr. joe

Creating a 2 minute video for Dr. Joe Vitale and Hypnotic Marketing 2.0. Here goes my foray into YouTube. I’ve had the account for some time and am just now getting to it. This is actually part of a contest. I downloaded the PDF with the instructions late last night. Watched the video too. Glad Continue reading →

Upgrading to deluxe hosting

I spent most of this afternoon upgrading from free to deluxe hosting on GoDaddy. Couldn’t handle the extra ad placements all over the place AND it was cheaper to place them all on deluxe than to pay for them separately!!! So I had to delete the other 3 websites – 1 of them had generic Continue reading →


I spent many hours yesterday in preparation of and training 2 people on the Constant Contact software that our group – The International Black Summit uses to send out the ‘glossy’ mailings to the larger body. When I told Jonn, the web/tech guru HOW I intended to do the training, that I wanted everyone to Continue reading →

Winter any day now . . . according to the trees!

Yes, I listen to the weatherman as he forecasts how much longer this balmy weather is going to last. However, I have a much better barometer for when winter is about to REALLY set in. The tree in front of my house, the snowball bushes and hosta plants which line the back walkway. Last week, Continue reading →

Sunday Nov 11th – Today is my mother’s 80th birthday

Ran into trouble with the instruction that says go to Links > Manage Links. I’m going to call it a night. I’ll continue this WordPress Adsense Install, etc. sometime later today November 11, 2007 – my mother’s 80 birthday. She received her birthday cards, including the one from the President, which she had received last Continue reading →

Lion for Lambs Movie Screening

OK. We went to the screening on Wednesday. Everyone was talking as we walked out of the theater. My synopsis: Robert Redford does Michael Moore. Tackling a current issue in a contemplative manner rather than a comedic one. Tom Cruise looked good as usual. He carried off that controlled, yet over the top, young ambitious Continue reading →