Technology Adventures

Adventures with LEXMARK & VISTA – Part One

I want to begin by saying I HATE Windows VISTA. I don’t hate much in this world. I do hate Vista. Having said that . . . as you know if you’ve been to this website before, Mom and Dad are here in Chicago for the Summer – which for them this year is lasting Continue reading →

Friend Blaster Pro for MySpace

I HAVE used this product. It is relatively easy to use!!! IF I CAN DO IT . . . well you know the rest. Don’t believe me? That’s OK. You can prove it to yourself. Download the trial. Check it out!

Pre-posting – how does that work again?

I swear, and yes at this point I do mean I SWEAR, I’ve created posts that were supposed to be sent out on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July. ALL of them were still sitting here this morning. Is there something I’m not doing correctly? I thought I was supposed to click EDIT right Continue reading →

Power to the People – Give the people what they want.

I had the privilege of listening to a webinar tonite and then later was in a conversation with my Internet marketing coach and friend Jonn. We happened to be joined by another friend Mary who began sharing her venture into selling on the Internet. Well, having been coached by Jonn all these months and having Continue reading →

Keyword saga

I noticed I have a keyword category. That brings back horrible memories of working with Wordtracker and the folks over at IEC. (I’m shaking my head.) Oh, that was stressful. I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Or so I thought. And it’s not like they were doing anything wrong, nor was I. Maybe Continue reading →

Blog Paycheck Adventures

So I purchased Blog Paycheck. Immediately went and signed up for ReviewMe. This site wasn’t accepted. Here’s the message I got back regarding my main site: Your inventory was declined Hello, We are sorry but the website you have suggested has been declined at this time. The main reasons a website is declined are: Continue reading →

It’s been awhile . . .

Well, it’s been about 6 months since I was last here. This was a sideline WordPress blog which allowed me to create my main blog and use what I learned here for that one. It was a HUGE learning curve even with the Adsense manual. My main website,, has come a long way. It Continue reading →

iContact E-mail Marketing Solution

I don’t remember who turned me on to it – ah, I remember. I received an e-mail notification from a friend of mine who had been asking me about doing a mailing for him. I saw him Memorial Day and he asked me then too. I had agreed previously to do it and suggested ConstantContact. Continue reading →

a video for dr. joe

Creating a 2 minute video for Dr. Joe Vitale and Hypnotic Marketing 2.0. Here goes my foray into YouTube. I’ve had the account for some time and am just now getting to it. This is actually part of a contest. I downloaded the PDF with the instructions late last night. Watched the video too. Glad Continue reading →