How I Get Content – WordPress Automatic Blog Posting Plugin

See the image here   and over to the right?    That’s how I get content.  WordPress Automatic Blog Posting Plugin.  A PLUGIN! I’ve owned it for a year and I LOVE IT!  It’s like a Popeil product:  I can, “Set-it-and-Forget-it”. I thought I had written about this Plug-in when I first purchased it.  I searched Continue reading →

Upgraded to WP 2.9.2 today, FINALLY

Well, I do have to give myself credit.  I did upgrade two of my other sites a couple of weeks ago.  I chose the Please Update Now which gave me the option of Upgrade Automatically or Download 2.9.2.  I’m proud to say, I chose Upgrade Automatically.  I had been using the WP Automatic Upgrade Plug-in Continue reading →