Ceiling Fans – Removal and Installation

In the midst of all the drama around Dad’s Toshiba laptop and my Lexmark645 Printer  and the VISTA driver problem, Mom decides she it’s time to remove the ceiling fan in the kitchen and replace it with a new one.

The fan on the current one works when it chooses – and in my mother’s world, that’s a no-no!  So, in between dealing with the Lexmark and Toshiba folks, I’m helping Dad install the ceiling fan.  Not because it’s so hard of a job, because he’s 84 and his doctors have told him to stay off ladders and scaffolds because of his knees and back. However, his doctors don’t live with my mother.  She tells Dad what to do and he does –  it up to a point.  When his knees and back really start to bother him – he gets an attitude and starts cursing more and says he’s had enough for the day and isn’t doing any more.  He usually sticks to that.

Even though I don’t like working with electricity, I’ve put up several ceiling fans by myself and with girlfriends. I’m called downstairs to make heads and tails out of the wiring instructions.  There are four wires in the ceiling fan mount and 5 from the ceiling.  the diagram points to the black from the ceiling fan attaches to BOTH black wires from the ceiling, the blue goes to one white, the white goes from fan goes to one white in the ceiling and the green from the fan goes to the green (the ground) in the ceiling.  There’s a red one which attaches to nothing since we only have ONE wall switch.

Dad and I debate about WHICH one of the ceiling whites the blue fan wire goes to.  My suggestion is to put it to one and if that doesn’t work, switch them.  Of course the first method is incorrect.  The second time it works – perfectly.

Mom looks at the fan to be discarded and decided she’d like to have those blades on a fan in another room.  She will make a project out of ANYTHING!  Then she says she’d love to have the housing off the old fan on this new one we’ve just hung.  Me and my big mouth tell her she should be able to do that because in the old days, those parts didn’t come pre-assembled like this one and you should be able take it apart.  I proceeded to show her where the screws were to do that.  My father gave me the raised eye look and then shook his head and smiled.

Dad says he’s done for the day.  He knows I don’t like working with electricity so I’m done for the day too.  I’ll help him or he can help me, I WILL NOT work with electricity by myself.  And YES the electricity to the fan was turned OFF!

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