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Ferguson MO protesters, Pls Stay Home | A Free Soul

Ferguson MO protesters, Pls Stay Home

STAY HOME. Let the streets be EMPTY and SILENT. Let the rabble rousers have no one to quarrel with, nothing to rant and rail about. Take the wind out of their sails. Let them walk away empty-handed, having expended funds, having geared up for NOTHING!

I had been hoping that residents of Ferguson Missouri, the protesters and people coming from out of state to join the protest would stay home. Rather than take to the streets and be subject to the jurisdiction of the Police, Mayor and Governor, stay inside and have BALLOT Initiatives and BALLOT Proposition parties. Write, create, upgrade and/eradicate LAWS so that those remaining laws SERVE, PROTECT and HONOR the citizens who would be governed by them.

Gil Scott-Heron sang that “the revolution will not be televised”. Marching is televised. It telegraphs your every move. Don’t you have to get a PERMIT? What’s revolutionary about that? Don’t you have to inform the local municipality of your intent? That’s not revolutionary.

At the end of the day, what will your marching protest have accomplished? Michael Brown is still dead. The LAWS which helped that happen are still in force, ensuring that same thing can happen again and again. And due to marching some people may now get police records because they are arrested for protesting!

What was/is your intention of the protest march? When will you accomplish those goals?

I cannot help but be struck by the memories of seeing all those people and some generations of families at the 50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. As a people we’re pretty much still in the same boat. And YES, there has been movement and progress. We canuse the same toilets, sit anywhere on the bus, at a restaurant, etc. Yet I cannot help thinking how much more, how far we might have come and be today, IF, I/we had TRULY understood that THIS COUNTRY IS RUN BY LAW. The laws are what we are governed by. And IF, “A Change Is Gonna’ Come” changing and creating LAWS has that happen.

So I say to the people of Ferguson Missouri stay home. Have some law, initiative and proposition writing parties.

Our parents used to have Quarter, Card, Poker, Bid Whist and Bridge parties. Use that same format of gathering together for a common interest. BE SMART. STAY HOME.

Create and change the LAWS. Remove from office those who do not have your interest at heart and elect people who represent YOU and will carry out your new laws, propositions and initiatives.

Finally, staying home, even for 24-hours, not contributing as consumers may cause a ripple in the economy. Speak to the “powers that be” in the language they understand.

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