Lessons in saving.

My folks purchased a used refrigerator today. When they got it home, mom noticed it didn’t have one shelf, the vegetable bins aren’t the ones that go with it and some shelves are missing from the freezer – yet it does work! Oh yeah, and it’s Frostless – or whatever is the correct name when it doesn’t have to be defrosted.

I’m mentioning this because I became aware of some of my own habits around money.

They had seen a refrigerator at another location that cost $14 dollars more, which did have all it’s shelves. To save $14 dollars. Mom loves a bargain.

Yet, I look at that and see the cost of saving $14 dollars. Having to make do with a put together rack which is too short and no shelves in the freezer. Oh well.

Like they said, it’s only for the summer. They can go home to Arizona and their nice large refrigerator/freezer with ice maker.

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