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I posted this on most of my other blogs. I was answering a request from one of the members of one of the Social Networks I’m on. She said she wanted to learn more about metaphysics.

These are some of the titles on my bookshelf – and yes – I have real all of these.

Books by authors Catherine Ponder, Florence Scovell Shinn, Ervin Seale, DeVorss, and of course, anything by Carlos Castaneda!

You may already know about Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind.

Seed Money in Action – Jon P. Speller

You – Francis Wilshire

The Secret of Perfect Living – James T. Mangan

The Message of a Master – John McDonald

The Way of the Wizard – Deepak Chopra

The Wisdom of the Self – Paul Ferrini

The Silence of the Heart – Paul Ferrini

Why is the Happening to Me . . . Again? – michael ryce http://www.whyagain.com

The Fourth Way – P.D. Ouspensky

The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution – P.D. Ouspensky

The Divine Milieu – Teilhard de Chardin

The Future of Man – Teilhard de Chardin

Early books by Wayne Dyer and Leo Buscaglia.

I forgot The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

books by Charles Fillmore founder of Unity

Lessons in Truth – H. Emilie Cady

I also highly recommend for women The Sorcerer’s Crossing – Taisha Abelar It is truly profound.

Leonard Orr – Breaking the Death Habit

Happiness is Free – Dwoskin Levenson

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