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Pineapple Express | A Free Soul

Pineapple Express

Well, my friend Annie and I went to the screening of the new movie Pineapple Express.  I thought it was pretty funny.  Slightly outrageous.  Pot smokers will get it.

Annie says it reminded her of the movie screening we went to last year and couldn’t think of the name. Neither could I at the time – just goes to show ya’.  (I remembered one of the main characters was played by the same actor who played the boyfriend in Juno)  The name of the movie was ‘Superbad’.

Kinda’ reminded me of the old “Cheech and Chong” movies, “Harold and Kumar” (without the pot), Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures (again without the pot), etc.  Any of those ‘silly’ buddy flicks.  There are others I cannot name because I didn’t see them, however, I’ve heard they were funny.

On the elevator ride down, after asking what we thought it, the male who asked proceeded to announce, ” I think it will do great with a certain demographic. They’ll make their money back.  Except for two demolition scenes, they didn’t spend much money to produce it.”

The other female patrons added, “It was right for the price.  And the air conditioning was great.  I didn’t care for it.”

It was nice, harmless fun for a couple of hours.  I laughed a lot towards the end because it was so over-the-top!

Annie and I both want to know one thing:  How did Dale know where to go to save Saul?

Maybe our heads were ‘in the clouds’ when that was revealed in the plot(?).

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