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SKYPE move over – TOKBOX is here! | A Free Soul

SKYPE move over – TOKBOX is here!

In my humble opinion, TOKBOX is what SKYPE hopes to be when it grows up!  Why?

  1. I can VIDEOCHAT with more than one person at a time
  2. I can include VOICE ONLY folks in the same VIDEOCHAT (get a webcam!)
  3. I can TextCHAT while in the Videochat
  4. I can invite people to a VIDEOCHAT by
    • selecting them from my IM/Friends list
    • sending them the URL for the current chat
    • Sending a Twitter
    • Sending a notice to Facebook
  5. I don’t have to load any software onto my computer (I’ve got a thing about that – I admit it)
  6.  If I begin the call (i.e. hosting in SKYPE) and I get knocked offline FOR WHATEVER REASON, the CALL CONTINUES!!
  7.  Anyone who is in the VIDEOCHAT can invite others – YOU DONT’ HAVE TO RELY ON THE HOST!  (you may want to set up a protocol for that)
  8.  Did I mention IT’S FREE?  It’s free
  9. It’s easy to set up
  10. I can easily include YouTube Video INTO THE CHAT
  11. You can include a Sllideshow into the chat (haven’t tried yet)
  12. You can include Photos into the chat (also haven’t tried yet)
  13.  Someone in the conference told me they could almost access it via their PDA!


  1. I can send VIDEO e-mail
  2. I can IM

I’m sure there are other features which are just as fabulous.  This is MORE than enough for me right now.  The REALLY COOL about the VideoChat Conference is that part of our group was in a hotel in Atlanta – one window of the VideoChat was devoted to THEM!!!!

Check TOKBOX out at http://www.tokbox.com and @Tokbox  Tell them Llenar sent you!

If you’ve a mind to Befriend me there.  I’m llenar8


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