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Updating my Wordpress Blogs to 2.7.1 | A Free Soul

Updating my WordPress Blogs to 2.7.1



I am updating this WordPress blog.  Last time I was out here was Summer 2008, July to be more precise.  Been so long I don’t remember the username and password.  Good thing I have a habit of writing things down! LOL!

So now  there are several Plugins that needed to be updated, Twitter Tools among them.

OK.  Here we go!

Using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin:
Running the clean up Process – OK
Backing up files – OK
Save the backup files – OK
Save miscellaneous tables, never know when i may have to restore!
Backup Databases – OK
Save the DB backup files – OK
Download the latest upgrade from wordpress.org – OK
Put the website in maintenance mode – VERIFIED OK
Deactivated Plugins – OK
Upgrades all of the Installation Files – OK


Clicked on the DATABASE UPDATE REQUIRED  button

– it did open into a new window
– the message says it is REQUIRED


– I AM not clicking on the CONTINUE BUTTON.  I’m going BACK to the previous window to REACTIVATE THE PLUGINS .

OOPS!  Got a message which said I didn’t do the CLEANUP  so click that.

Seems I shoud have pressed the CONTINUE button!

I’m returned to the DASHBOARD? I think?  This doesn’t look like MY DASHBOARD.  Where are all my STUFF?

Where’s my Recent Comments?  Incoming Links?  WordPress Development Blogs?  Plugins?  Facebook Friends Status Updates?  Facebook Friends Notifications?  Facebook Friends Posted Items?

I’ve been robbed!!!

Let me activate the these last 4 Plugins.  YIKES!  Tiny MCE Advanced Plugin gave me a 505 Internal Server Error – WHEW!  Website is still OK.  Glory Hallelujah!!

OK.  This isn’t as bad as the last 2 upgrades which I wrote about here.

1 down 3 to go.  Why not?  I’m feeling LUCKY!  Stay tuned!

I’m writing this as I go .  . .  and what’s up with the images?  The text no longer wraps???  What’s up with that? GROAN  It looks correct on the editing page – see?  Photo on the left, text on the right – however, it doesn’t display that way!!! Hmmmmm, I bet it’s one of these plug-ins which is now working!  Oh well, gotta move on.  Let me check the HTML

www.afreesoul.com in edit mode

www.afreesoul.com in edit mode

The HTML looks OK – alignright, alignleft – however, the text isn’t wrapping!  Uggggggggh! I HATE UPDATES!!




Next, The Commando Coach

Oh Groan, there are so many Plugins to update.  1-2- Whaaa? – 12 in all.  Yawn.  What if I just go ahead and do the update?

Well, I’ll do it that way this time and see what happens.

Thank GOODNESS the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin doesn’t need updating.

WOW!  I’m almost done!  I can’t believe it.

OK, here’s the POINT OF NO RETURN . . . (play Jaws music here)

This time I’m going to press the CONTINUE button on the WordPress Database Upgrade Screen  Wish me luck!  Here goes. . .

Guess it doesn’t matter.  I got the same error last time: You have not cleaned up the files from last upgrade. Please Click Here to cleanup the files, and disable this nag.

Ok, so I’m doing that.   Now I get the Congratulations!!! Your WordPress version is already up to date. I’m back at the Dashboard, however, let me go back and see what that other window said.

It says: Re-activates all the plugins that were active earlier. I think I better do that or I’ll have to do it manually I guess.  OK, that’s done.  The plugins have been reactivated succesfully

It tells me to CLICK NEXT so I do and VOILA! I got an entire log of the previous activity along with a notice that those 12 plugins are awaiting.

Congratulations!!! Your WordPresss installation has been upgraded.
Please download your backup files if you have not done it.
Don’t forget to run Database Upgrade if you have not done it.You can Clean up the ugradation files once your doneBelow is the log for the upgradation
Task Name: files
Task Description: Backs up all the current files from the wordpress installation
Task Status: Complete
Task Start Date: 2009-02-16 00:54:59
Task End Date: 2009-02-16 00:55:13

UH-OH.  Good thing I looked at the entire log page Here’s what I found very near the bottom:

Task Name: getlatestfiles
Task Description: Downloads / Uploads the latest files for wordpress
Task Status: Failed
Task Start Date: 2009-02-16 00:57:23
Task End Date:
Task Log:


Task Name: upgrade
Task Description: Upgrades all the installation files
Task Status: Failed
Task Start Date: 2009-02-16 00:58:51
Task End Date:
Task Log:

Well that will probably mean a problem somewhere!  Maybe it had something to do with the Plugins?  Hmmmmm

Ok, I’m feeling kinda’ tired here – oh yeah, my late night vitamins Cal-Mag are kicking in – so I’m gonna’ press the UPGRADE ALL Plugins Button.  That’s caused me problems in the past, yet I’m feeling kinda’ lucky tonight so I’m gonna’ GO FOR IT!

Here goes . . .  Well I got the infamous Internal Server Error.  Let’s see if I can get back to the ADMIN page.  Yup

Well, half of the Plugins are installed and the Dashboard has been partially populated.  Here goes for the next 6.

Internal Server Error AGAIN.  Back to the ADMIN page.  No more messages about Plugins however, I still show 6 from the Plugins directory Tiny MCE Advanced – which didn’t cause an Internal Server Error this time.  Twitter Tools 1.6b1, Wordbook, Facebook Dashboard Widget, Wordbook and PingPress.fm are  loaded safely and the blog looks OK.




Well, this is the last one before I sleep. Yawn.  Since it was so easy the last time.  Let me tell you – way different from WordPress 2.0’s!

Weird.  No notices about Plugins, however, I see that 11 of them need updating.  Well, I learned from the last update that I can just do the process and come back and update Plugins later.  So here we go.  I’m tired now.

Whaaaaa?  What do you mean?  Seems you have not completed the clean up process from last upgrade. Please click here to run the clean up process before continuing

Oh well, I can’t argue with a machine.  Let me do the clean up!

And WOW!  The entire Update ran smoothly.  I think I got the procedure down so that I can do the main website in the morning.  Why in the morning and not at night?  Because my Tech Guru will be awake then in case I crash my website!!!

Let’s see:  so now, at the end of the process when it sends me to the other window to do the Database Update Required thing – stay in that window until it comes back with the CONGRATULATIONS already up to date. And then go back to the other window and follow that through to completion.  That’s where I get the log.

I got one fail and a couple of Plugins that I no longer use errors.

Task Name: getlatestfiles
Task Description: Downloads / Uploads the latest files for wordpress
Task Status: Failed
Task Start Date: 2009-02-16 02:20:12
Task End Date:
Task Log:

The site itself actually looks FINE.  I’m going to BED

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